City Girl (2017)

CITY GIRL is a romantic comedy that I wrote at age 12, in 2003, for Reese Witherspoon to star in. In 2016, I found the script in my childhood bedroom closet and decided it was too good to sit in obscurity another ten years. I cast myself in lieu of Witherspoon and directed the screenplay word-for-word, honoring the artistic vision I had as a tween. 

I am currently developing a TBS pilot presentation inspired by CITY GIRL with executive producers Matt Spicer & Dan Harmon! 

this week had me like (2017)

TWHML was fueled by a lifetime obsession with pop-culture. Caroline Goldfarb, the writer/comedian behind the viral Instagram account @officialseanpenn, and I created a webseries about the most bizarre celebrity news of the week. I.E. Jon Bon Jovi’s pasta sauce line, the Melissa Etheridge cruise, Michael Chiklis’s solo rock album, and more.