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Zaddy (Audible, 2022)

Twenty-five-year-old fitness-instructor Elle has been toiling away in the LA rat race since her teen years with nothing to show for it but a “vintage” apartment (with a permanently clogged toilet), an “alt-comedy” (unemployed alcoholic) boyfriend, and an anorexic coworker who’s constantly surpassing Elle at work because her dad owns the place. While Elle might not have a rich daddy to fall back on, her luck changes when she finds herself being aggressively pursued by a hot, rich 45-year-old man, a.k.a. a zaddy.

Zack is a tech millionaire many times over with an irresistible smirk and abs that could shatter your phone screen. After Elle flirts with Zack on his buddy’s yacht, it feels like every area of her life has a glow-up. Literally. Her skin is glistening, she’s madly in love with her well-connected, smoking-hot boyfriend, and soon enough, she’s opening her very own fitness studio for A-list clientele. But when mysterious tragedies strike, Elle is forced to wonder if she can truly afford the good life or if the cost is too rich for her blood after all. A sexy, twisty thriller written and performed by Sarah Ramos, featuring Chris Messina as Zack.”​

The renner files (2020)

The Renner Files is a new kind of true crime podcast… one that’s not about true crime at all. Instead it’s about Jeremy Renner’s ill-fated app. Why did Oscar-nominated actor Jeremy Renner ever have an app? What did it do? Who made it? Who used it? And why did it shake the internet to its core?

Hosts Caroline Goldfarb and Sarah Ramos set out to investigate the mystery of the app, but got so much more in return. The Renner Files tells a larger story: one about the dangerous side of celebrity fandom, the ethics of audience exploitation, the celebrity influencer complex, and the destructive power of ironic internet comedy.

A Photo Exhibition by Sarah Ramos
“I was almost cast as Jenny Humphrey in ‘Gossip Girl.’ Was I not hot enough?”
“In both my acting career and on Instagram, I’ve felt an uncomfortable pressure to sell sex to get ahead. Could doing drag set me free?” 
Screenshot 2024-03-18 at 5.32.14 PM.png
Who is the thespian behind this mask of Christmas cheer? I resolve to find out.
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